Affiliate Search Widget Поисковый виджет

Installation Guide

Руководство по установке виджета

Welcome to the Skyscanner Affiliate Search Widget quick start guide. To get up and running with the widget on your website and to start earning commission, follow the below steps. Currently, only our Search Widget below can only be used with the affiliate programmes.

Следуйте инструкциям и не забудьте ознакомиться с разделом «Часто задаваемые вопросы»:

1. Choose your desired Widget Locale settings to generate the search widget in your chosen language and market. In the default example, this is set to en-GB (English Language, United Kingdom). A list of supported ISO Codes codes can be viewed here:

1. Выберите локальные параметры (язык и страна). Если система предлагает стандартный вариант English (en-GB), поменяйте его на Russian (ru-RU) или любой другой, подходящий вашему сайту:

2. Select your Widget Locale in the dropdown below:

2. Выберите локальные параметры из выпадающего меню:

3. Once selected, preview the Skyscanner search widget below to check it is as desired:

3. Перепроверьте, все ли порядке:

4. When you are ready, copy the below code and paste into to your website in the desired location:

4. Все отлично? Скопируйте код поискового виджета и вставьте его на сайт:

You should see your affiliate ID populated in the link code above, for example:


If this doesn’t appear, then go back to your affiliate portal of your choice (Tradedoubler, Commission Junction etc) and reclick the link for this widget.

5. That’s it! Your widget will start referring traffic (and earning commission) for you straight away. Any successful earnings from the search widget will be shown in your affiliate dashboard.

5. Готово! Поисковый виджет активируется автоматически. Статистика начнет отражаться в вашем личном кабинете на следующий день после установки.

FAQs - General

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: Can I choose the domain the Affiliate Widget sends a user to?

A: Yes. If you want the locale settings as en-GB but redirect the user to the Australian Skyscanner site, simply add data-market="AU" to the open div tag. A list of these codes can be seen here (note: not all domains are available on Skyscanner.)

Q: When do I get paid?

A: Check your affiliate network dashboard for information on payments using the Skyscanner Affiliate Search Widget.

Q: How can I submit feedback/comments about this widget?

A: We appreciate any comments, requests or feedback for the widget. Please submit feedback through our Zendesk portal.

FAQs - Customisation

Q: The locale settings I need aren't available, what should I do?

A: Unfortunately, we currently support only the locale settings listed. We are working hard to add support for more locales soon.

Q: How do I customise my Widget?

A: You can add the following attributes to your widget to tailor it:

Attribute Example Description
Locale data-locale="en-US"" Sets the default locale settings for the SearchWidget, for example en-US (English, United States) or da-DK (Danish, Denmark).
market data-market="AU" Two letter Country code that allows for the target Skyscanner domain to be set, for example AU, UK, US, CN.

This may also affect the types of flights shown based on local market restrictions.
currency data-currency="USD" Allows a custom currency to be set on the site on referral, for example USD, GBP, EUR, HKD.
buttonLabel data-button-label="Get a flight!" buttonLabel allows you to customise the button text shown in the widget, for example "Book now!".
dataTarget data-target="_blank" Open the Skyscanner search results in the same window (_self) or new window (_blank).
responsive data-responsive="true" Makes the widget responsive and allows it to fit onto a single line (if wide enough) - Note:This hides the "Return/One way" radio buttons.
enablePlaceholders data-enable-placeholders="true" Swaps 'from' and 'to' labels above inputs to placeholders on inputs, which will give a more streamlined look.

Add the chosen code to your HTML snippet to customise it. For example, adding the below to the embed code would set the currency as US Dollars:

Q: The Widget looks strange on my website. How do I fix that?

A: Ensure the enclosing div element is at least 250px wide. We have built the Affiliate Search Widget to be responsive and to work on mobile devices, but for some very narrow page layouts, this may make the widget look strange.

It may also be the custom CSS for your website that overrides the styling of the Widget. In that case, you will need to investigate updating your website CSS to accommodate the Widget.

Q: I want to show flights to a fixed location on my Widget, such as 'Tokyo' - Is this possible?

A: Yes, you can do this in the same way as the above example adding the below example to your HTML snippet:


Q: Can I install this on my Wordpress website?

A: Yes – This widget can work on a Wordpress site, but you need to enable your Wordpress site to allow scripts to be embedded. You can use a code embed widget such as

*IMPORTANT* Please note that adding any new widget to your Wordpress site can cause issues with its layout and functionality, so do so at your own risk.

Q: Q: Can I set a fixed height and width for the widget?

A: You can set a width for the widget, but you would require some knowledge of CSS. With that, you can restrict the width of the widget within a div element. For example:

This sets the width of the div containing the widget to 250px. This is the recommended minimum width for best performance.

Поисковый виджет странно масштабируется. Как это исправить?

Виджет полностью адаптивный. Он принимает наиболее оптимальную форму в зависимости от разрешения экрана. Вы можете установить параметры минимальной или максимальной ширины в div коде, например:

<div style="max-width: 400px; width: 100%; padding: 5px;">

Когда начнет начисляться комиссия?

Комиссия начисляется автоматически. Статистика появится в личном кабинете на следующий день после установки.

С кем я могу связаться, если у меня возникнут дополнительные вопросы?

Вы можете отправить запрос через сервис поддержки партнеров Zendesk. Пожалуйста, будьте детальны в описании вопроса. Мы любим уточняющие примеры, снимки и видео экрана.

By using Skyscanner's widgets you agree to our Terms and Conditions При использовании нашего поискового виджета вы соглашаетесь с условиями предоставления услуг.