Basic and Location Widgets

Basic Widget

Our "Basic Widget" provides a clean and simple tracked and attributed referral to flight search on the page or a White Label. Users will be asked to enter any required details to perform a search on our site.

Location Widget

The "Location Widget" gives users a pre-filled destination for flight search on our site, allowing them to perform a search immediately on a White Label and leaves them with less details to select when referred to

This widget is best used alongside content about a specific location, giving users a quick link to search for flights to that destination.

Widget options

GEO-IP lookup

Widgets can utilise GEO-IP to infer an origin location, which can help encourage more click throughs. This can be achieved by adding data-origin-geo-lookup="true" in the code snippet.


Both Basic and Location widgets' titles are customizable with the "data-title" attribute.

For the Location Widget, you can use the {location} tag inside your custom title. This tag will be substituted with a destination location name, which is specified in any valid way (for example, by setting the "location" parameter from the "data-params" attribute, or by specifying the "data-destination-name" attribute).

An example of a custom title:

Colour customization

Basic and Location widgets can be displayed in any colour.

To set the widget colour, use the "data-colour" attribute on your widget (or the "colour" option in the "data-params" attribute) and set it to a predefined name or hex code you want.

The text colour on your widget is automatically chosen to contrast well with the background, so you only have to do half the work!

See the example below for widget implementations using a range of colour settings.

Icon customization

An Airplane icon can be replaced with an Arrow icon for both Basic and Location widgets.

For this, please set the "data-arrow-icon" attribute to true: