Introducing Trip by Skyscanner.

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The Trip by Skyscanner mission is to help people stop planning and start living. It is designed to reduce the work involved in travel and experience planning; and enables users to book tickets and reservations for flights, hotels, restaurants, tours and more. Using data points such as the time of day facilitates smart recommendations; and information on Tribe membership (e.g. Family Travelers, Foodies and Wellness) enables the further personalization. 


The power of the Tribe. 

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Tribes are a way for your users to share their travel style, and discover other Trip by Skyscanner members with similar travel styles. Showcasing the reviews and experiences of similar travellers, helps your users to know how they are likely to find a certain city, hotel, or experience. You can learn more about our tribes here

One API to discover the world. 

Trip by Skyscanner provides worldwide coverage of places to stay, eat and experience. As well as offering global coverage, we offer content depth. With everything from city descriptions, to travel tips, to user-generated photos and more, you can offer your users a true feel for their prospective destination. 

Pull into infographic (show images of what these things look like to clearly illustrate the offering): 

  • 68k+ destinations
  • 7MM+ points of interest 
  • 1.4MM+ reviews 
  • 5MM+ photos and postcards 

Combining this with Trip by Skyscanner patented content filters based on the 19 different Tribes helps to optimize the exploration experience. Not only by delivering personalized content, but also by highlighting why a specific location, neighbourhood, or hotel is perfect for a traveller. Giving them the confidence to book. 

Finally, with the Trip by Skyscanner API, you can deliver a customized and fully native content experience. Ensuring your users can enjoy our destination information whether they are exploring from their desktop at home, or their mobile on-the-go. 


A trusted partner. 

Trip by Skyscanner powers content for a wealth of top-tier travel brands. 

Show logos of: HomeAway, Expedia, Hostelworld, Sabre. 

Bring in Hostelword case study here. 


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