Get started with the Skyscanner APIs

Here is some information and links to help you get started with the Skyscanner APIs. Best of luck with the hackathon! 

Flights - Browse Prices 

Our Browse Prices API is the quickest and easiest way to get the cheapest destinations (fuzzy destination search) or cheapest dates (fuzzy date search). The prices come from our users searches on (60M UMVs). The getting started guide has some sample queries for you to try out. 

Flights - Live Prices 

This API gives you up-to-date prices from all our providers for a given flight. You will need to specify an origin airport, a destination airport and outbound and inbound dates. The polling can take up to a minute so you will need to consider the user experience during this time. The response will contain all the available quotes and a deeplink to take your users to the provider's website. If there are more than one passenger or if the itinerary requires more than one booking, you will need to make a second call to get the deeplinks. 

Car Hire 

Our Car Hire API is similar to the Flights Live Prices API and will provide you with a list of up-to-date price options for a car hire query. The response will contain the full list of providers with prices and deeplinks to the providers' websites.


This API is similar to the Car Hire API with the difference that you need to make a second call to get the booking details and the deeplink to the provider's website. 

Terms and Conditions

Please insure that you adhere to our terms and conditions and to our usage guidelines. For the hotels API we ask that you do not publish your app without our consent due to restrictions on the data.

Get inspired by these case studies

1. Use the Skyscanner API to score and classify flights as ‘good, ‘great’, or ‘spectacular’, using a proprietary algorithm and user preferences, like Hitlist. Read more. 

2. Help users search for ‘Somewhere to go + Somewhere to stay + Something to make you happy’ within a budget, just like LuckyTrip. Users can save and share trips too. Read more.

3. Help users to compare the price, duration and departure times of different travel options, like CompareMyTravel. Read more.

4. Or help users to combine travel methods to get them from A to B, like Distances Between. Read more.

5. Help your users to budget for the everyday holiday spending items, such as wine, taxis, and food, as well as their flight and hotel as Travelex have in their ‘Luxury for Less’ planning tool. Read more.

6. Develop a travel concierge to help answer users’ questions pre and post planning, just like ‘Lewis’. Read more.


7. Turn meeting up with friends and relatives that are spread across the globe into an adventure, by giving users affordable destinations to travel to together like YoudeFly. Read more.

8. Integrate a travel solution into a social platform, just like Heathrow. Read more.

9. Help to solve the problems around group planning, like sociable start-up Read more. 

You can also take a look through our other news and case studies for inspiration here