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Skyscanner has 50 million monthly visitors

31 countries

 30 languages, global sales reach

$11.2 billion airline tickets booked through Skyscanner

$11.2 billion

airline tickets booked in 2015

Skyscanner is showing 40% year-on-year growth

40% growth


Skyscanner is a global company

Global integrations, global reach

Expand your reach and attract new customers with Skyscanner. Our websites are the leading travel websites in 31 markets, offering fully localised and mobile enabled ticket sales in 30 languages. In the last 12 months we welcomed over 60 million unique monthly website visitors and generated $11.2bn worth of downstream airline tickets daily. 

Skyscanner has direct booking capabilities

Direct booking, instant success

We are continuously working on new offerings to streamline the customer experience and maximise your Total Transaction Value. As such, we have become the first meta-search to implement direct connections and instant booking capabilities to deliver a more direct, seamless booking process. 

Skyscanner has unique partner analytic capabilities

Measure and learn

Get a competitive edge and maximise your revenue with our robust analytics platforms. Our free brand analytics platform is available to all partners and our unique market insights travel data provides forward-looking trends and insights to help you identify key pricing opportunities and deliver more customers.

Skyscanner has bespoke advertising

Advertising designed for you

We've designed advertising and marketing opportunities to help you meet your objectives. With the expertise of our account managers and advanced targeting options, we will put our pioneering products to work for your business and display your content to our users in the right context at the right time.