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The interview: Skyscanner VP Strategy Filip Filipov

The interview: Skyscanner VP Strategy Filip Filipov

In this interview with Skyscanner VP Strategy Filip Filipov, we delve deeper into the biggest challenges faced by the travel and airline industries. He shares his insights and reveals his hopes for the future of the sector.

Skyscanner announces Swoop partnership on multi-market flights integration

Skyscanner announces Swoop partnership on multi-market flights integration

Skyscanner, the world's travel search engine, has announced its latest partnership with Swoop, the Canadian ultra low-cost carrier.

Open skies and a low-cost revolution: a round-up of February’s industry events

Open skies and a low-cost revolution: a round-up of February’s industry events

February was a busy month for Skyscanner: our industry experts attended three CAPA events around the globe. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a quick summary of what was discussed and some key takeaways from our senior leadership team.

Let’s get personal: Why tailoring your onboard experience is a win-win

When it comes to air travel, customers in 2019 have more choice than ever before. As they increasingly seek better ways to find and book exactly what they need – quickly and efficiently – it pays for airlines and travel brands to get this right.

The interview: Airline industry expert and author Faical Allou

Faical Allou is a former Skyscanner employee with more than 10 years’ experience in the airline industry. In this exclusive interview, he explains how this experience led to his first book, A Lifelong Flight, and why a frictionless experience for travellers is indeed the way forward in 2019.

His novel follows Sam, a professor in business strategy who finds himself on a mission to rescue a start-up airline in Bali while navigating an industry that is completely unknown to him.

Interview with IATA: Yanik Hoyles, Director of the NDC Programme

We interviewed Yanik Hoyles, Director of New Distribution Capability Programme at IATA to discuss NDC, challenges in the travel industry and what we can expect to change in the next five to ten years.

The future of airline retailing is now

As data continues to highlight the shift from desktop to mobile, and new shopping and payments trends emerge from the East, we take a look at the biggest challenge and opportunity that airlines have to face: retailing.

Skyscanner at CAPA Americas 2017: Disruption, Data and the Future of Airline Distribution

The upcoming CAPA 2017 Americas Aviation Summit will be held in Orlando, April 4th - 5th. The event will bring together members of the aviation industry from across the globe - including Skyscanner - to discuss and debate topics around innovation, disruption and the unique challenges being faced by the US. 

We are entering a new technological era in distribution: so what does it take for an airline to win the next round?

Exploring the power of data as airline distribution reaches a new era

Skyscanner to reveal the opportunities to improve traditional market data at Routes Americas

Skyscanner will be attending this year's Routes Americas (set to be the biggest to date) between the 14th and 16th of February. Skyscanner will have a stand (S2) and also be kicking off the second day with a Routes Talk covering '21st century analytics and their role in identifying traffic leakage' (February 15th at 9:45).

Airline analytics beyond the PNR

For a very long time, airlines have been trying to understand their customers and their preferences, but they were limited by the information available to them - and to a large extent they still are.