Perspective on Payments: Worldpay

Worldpay’s Vice President of vertical growth for Airlines and Travel, Thomas Helldorff and Large Corporate Business Development Manager for Airlines and Travel, Justin Hanna, discuss the importance of payments, and the challenges and opportunities facing companies across the travel industry.

The future of airline retailing is now

As data continues to highlight the shift from desktop to mobile, and new shopping and payments trends emerge from the East, we take a look at the biggest challenge and opportunity that airlines have to face: retailing.

Skyscanner and IATA Partner to Deliver a Guide to NDC

In partnership with IATA, we are excited to share our guide to NDC, which aims to share our knowledge and experience of working with NDC technology, and highlight the very important benefits for the aviation industry in its adoption. 

Skyscanner take on friction in group booking and power innovation at IATA’s NDC Hackathon

IATA’s NDC standard represents the next generation of flexible and dynamic travel content distribution, and has the potential to take airline retailing to the next level. The recent weekend-long NDC Hackathon in Dublin, which Skyscanner participated in, was testament to this, as entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers developed solutions to the world’s business and leisure travel problems using both NDC and Travel APIs.

Skyscanner at CAPA Americas 2017: Disruption, Data and the Future of Airline Distribution

The upcoming CAPA 2017 Americas Aviation Summit will be held in Orlando, April 4th - 5th. The event will bring together members of the aviation industry from across the globe - including Skyscanner - to discuss and debate topics around innovation, disruption and the unique challenges being faced by the US.