Travel Analytics

We are entering a new technological era in distribution: so what does it take for an airline to win the next round?

Exploring the power of data as airline distribution reaches a new era

Skyscanner to talk travel analytics in the age of the hyper connected consumer at the Hamburg Aviation Conference

Faical Allou, Business Development Manager of Travel Insight, will be discussing 21st Century Travel Data and Analytics - and specifically, how they are evolving in the age of the hyper connected consumer - at this year's Hamburg Aviation Conference (February 8th - 9th).

Challenging current airline planning with new data capabilities

Faical Allou takes on the challenges facing airline planning and the power and potential that technology could provide the industry, should they choose to harness it.

Airline analytics beyond the PNR

For a very long time, airlines have been trying to understand their customers and their preferences, but they were limited by the information available to them - and to a large extent they still are.