Travel Insight

ForwardKeys Partners with Skyscanner to Help Airports Plan and Grow

ForwardKeys, who predicts future global travel patterns by analysing more than 17 million booking transactions a day, has partnered with the award-winning global travel search site Skyscanner to offer enhanced insight for airports about their travellers’ profile.

Skyscanner at CAPA Americas 2017: Disruption, Data and the Future of Airline Distribution

The upcoming CAPA 2017 Americas Aviation Summit will be held in Orlando, April 4th - 5th. The event will bring together members of the aviation industry from across the globe - including Skyscanner - to discuss and debate topics around innovation, disruption and the unique challenges being faced by the US. 

We are entering a new technological era in distribution: so what does it take for an airline to win the next round?

Exploring the power of data as airline distribution reaches a new era

Skyscanner to talk travel analytics in the age of the hyper connected consumer at the Hamburg Aviation Conference

Faical Allou, Business Development Manager of Travel Insight, will be discussing 21st Century Travel Data and Analytics - and specifically, how they are evolving in the age of the hyper connected consumer - at this year's Hamburg Aviation Conference (February 8th - 9th).