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The interview: Skyscanner VP Strategy Filip Filipov

The interview: Skyscanner VP Strategy Filip Filipov

In this interview with Skyscanner VP Strategy Filip Filipov, we delve deeper into the biggest challenges faced by the travel and airline industries. He shares his insights and reveals his hopes for the future of the sector.

'Digital should be a philosophy and a way of thinking for airlines': takeaway's from Skyscanner at World Routes

Skyscanner attended the World Routes festival 23-26th September in Barcelona, where Senior Director Hugh Aitken spoke on the panel, ‘How digital will reshape aviation by 2020’, alongside Marie Norman, head of products and concepts at Aviation Business, and Azim Barodawala, chief executive of US technology business Volantio.

Challenging current airline planning with new data capabilities

Faical Allou takes on the challenges facing airline planning and the power and potential that technology could provide the industry, should they choose to harness it.