The Value of Time in Air Travel

The Value of Time in Air Travel


Naturally, passengers would rather avoid longer journey times, but how much value do travellers attach to saving time? How much are they willing to pay to save each precious hour?

Discover the Value of Time

Using our ingenious data tool, Travel Insight, we are able to show exactly how much value travellers attach to time. We've picked 10 popular long-haul routes around the world that currently have no direct connection in order to show the value of an hour of travel for each route. The results, shown in the following infographic, also displays just how much the value of an hour saved can vary per route.

To delve further into the data, take a look at our Value of Time landing page, where we have hosted a dashboard that enables you to interact with our Travel Insight data.

Interested in getting access to more routes and data?

Skyscanner's Travel Insight tool captures global search data and traveller intent from the search engine's 50 million+ monthly visitors, offering a comprehensive big data set to help businesses accurately predict future travel demand - helping drive competitive advantage.