Our state-of-the-art online portal enables you to monitor your performance and optimise your revenue on Skyscanner.

It provides you with all the information you need to make strategic decisions. The data show is captured from our 65 million unique monthly visitors, to provide you with insights at both a global and a market level. And the user-friendly interface makes it easy to view extensive analytics and performance metrics at a glance.

Monitor your performance analytics

The Partner Analytics Portal provides a view of key performance metrics, including your traffic levels, price accuracy and API health. Dashboards designed to visualize your performance data also enable you to dig deeper using filters on dimensions such as Markets, Devices, Dates. A high-level view is also available in your personal dashboard, so you can easily identify any areas that could benefit from your attention.

Benefit from customer insight

To ensure that you are making the most of your Skyscanner integration, we have introduced customer feedback into your Partner Analytics Portal. This feature provides your Quality Rating, along with a detailed breakdown of how you are performing in areas such as the ease of booking and customer service. As well as reviewing your Quality Rating and scores in related areas, you can download your user feedback to review specific concerns raised in each market. Presenting a great opportunity to improve your offering, and your performance on Skyscanner.

We extract the Portal data now on daily basis and use it to prepare ad hoc reports that allow us to make decisions on our side. The data available on the Partner Portal has allowed us to better understand what the issues are that are making our users book and what they really care about.
— Virginia Barbancho, Chief Marketing Officer, Travelgenio

Uncover market opportunities

Using our Routes and Market features within the Partner Portal, you are able to identify opportunities for growth in each of your markets. Specifically, your average click share highlights routes and markets in which you are more competitive, versus those where further investment would help you to capitalize on market potential. Combining this with customer insights sheds light on changes you could adopt to improve your offering, and how to win in each market.

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