Drive online sales on a global scale.

Skyscanner is a travel distribution channel committed to empowering your travel brand. By integrating with us, you will immediately be given access to our 60 million unique monthly visitors, and have the opportunity to tap into demand on a global scale. As we are a comparison site, not an online travel agency, we operate as a virtual shop window that displays all suppliers and travel options – and our users make decisions based on market forces.  

Scoot airline 
Scoot’s network presently spans 23 cities across Asia Pacific. Now that we are preparing to spread our wings further with our first truly long-haul route from Singapore to Athens from June 2017, it is more important than ever before that we continue to broaden our customer reach worldwide. Coming onto Skyscanner’s Direct Booking platform will stand us in good stead in this regard
— Leslie Thng, Chief Commercial Officer, Scoot

Benefit from our work throughout the travel funnel. 

Skyscanner connects with users from the point of inspiration to booking and integrates with suppliers across the three key travel verticals – Flights, Hotels and Car Hire. Therefore our partners benefit from the intent driven by our content, inspirational search functionalities, and product attachment as well as their own integration. This combines to create a network that can deliver highly qualified traffic at a more cost-effective acquisition price when compared with other distribution channels. 

Skyscanner mobile verticals - hotels, flights, car hire

Grow with us and our technology.

Since starting out, Skyscanner has experienced exponential growth. This has been reflected in the performance of our partners and our distribution platform. Since Skyscanner Hotels launched in 2014 for example, it has experienced 70% year on year growth and become a global sales platform for both hotel brands and online travel agents. Similarly, since the global launch of the Skyscanner Car Hire search engine in 2013, it has seen over 73% year on year growth and become one of the few truly global car hire distribution channels. 

Our vision is to become the most trusted and most used online travel brand in the world. We are confident in the global strategy underpinning this objective and believe that we can continue growing headcount, unique users, sessions and revenue ...
— Gareth Williams, CEO, Skyscanner

In addition to this growth, we have enhanced our platform with the latest technologies. We were the first travel metasearch to build bots into Facebook and Skype, and became the first flight search engine to adopt IATA's NDC standard. Staying ahead of the curve means we can connect your brand to new audiences and expose travel services in contemporary environments, such as our Direct Booking platform, which represents the evolution of metasearch.

Over 1,200 trusted airline and travel businesses have joined our network to date.
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