Traveller Trust Awards FAQs

Can I apply the badge across all my communications?

Yes, absolutely, we will provide each brand awarded with a media pack with all necessary materials that can be used across channels and communications. If there's anything missing that you would like, just reach out to us, and we can get it organised for you. 

Why didn’t I win?

The Traveller Trust award is given to online travel agents and airlines based on the feedback from our users, so it's completely up to them. Skyscanner is unable to feed into the scoring, which is part of what makes it so great! They are decided entirely by the people that experience your brand first hand. 

What was the criteria for winning?

The top five airlines and top five OTAs in each region were given awards based on two categories; most improved (Taking Off) and consistently strong (High Flyer). The definitions of these can be found under "how were the awards calculated?"

Does the award apply forever?

The awards will be given out on an annual basis, obviously you can still display the award for as long as you wish on your site and materials.

How do I become involved?

As long as you are a partner on our site, you're already involved! If you're keen to win that trusted title, all you have to do is follow this link to your portal and work to increase your Quality Rating. The Quality Rating is based on ease of booking, customer service, price accuracy, transparency and user experience. You can find out more on your performance of these variables by logging in to your partner portal account or by speaking to your dedicated flights manager. 

What are the Traveller Trust Awards?

The Traveller Trust Awards are an initiative set up to recognise airlines and online travel agents that are well received and respected by our travellers. The award is based on the volume of traffic partners sent to individual countries, and bias from a countries overall Quality Rating distribution. Quality Rating, is something we’ve developed at Skyscanner so travellers can feedback on their booking experience with airlines and online travel agents. Travellers contribute to this score in two ways: one, via complaints received from our customer service team, and two, when clicking out of Skyscanner to an airline or OTA partner, we show a survey to find out about their booking experience. A Quality Rating is a number between 1 and 5 which reflects a combination of these two things, and therefore the overall quality of the booking experience with one of our travel providers. This takes into account a range of issues, grouped into the following categories:

  • customer service scoring
  • ease of booking scoring
  • ease of website use scoring
  • price accuracy scoring
  • clarity of optional extras and costs scoring

The rating is made up of feedback from at least 100 Skyscanner users from the past 91 days and is updated weekly, so as to ensure that the score is a reflection of what travellers are experiencing now, rather than, say, six months or several years ago. The idea behind it is that it not only helps travellers make an informed flight booking decision, but it also means that companies compete not just on price but the quality of the booking service they’re providing also. This incentivises customer service improvements too. We give partners access to detailed feedback about their score to help them continually improve, monitor for any trends and of course remove partners who we feel are not up to standard.

We wanted to work together to create a great traveller experience, before the journey begins. 

Are there different levels?

Yes there are! Across the initiative, we wanted to recognise everyone from most trusted to those on the up, so we can say well done to those consistently achieving a high rating and providing the most outstanding booking experience over the past year and to those who have seen the greatest increase in positive feedback from Skyscanner travellers by making significant improvements to their booking experience and gaining traveller trust year on year. 

How are the awards calculated?

We calculated the award score based on partner rating values. A fair approach was taken to remove bias based on the volume of traffic partners sent to individual countries, and bias from a country’s overall PQS distribution. The most improved category took the greatest recalculated score differences between an average in the first and last months of the year. Consistently strong considered high recalculated scores throughout the year with low variance.

I made X many bookings this year, can my brand have an award?

At the moment the scoring model only considers clicks and PQS values. This is because not all of our partners sent us downstream event data and it would therefore be unfair to exclude those who do not.

Are these awards global?

Correct, we wanted to make sure the awards were distributed fairly, and representative of localised trends and culture. Our data to define who was awarded was split by region;

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Oceania
  • North America
  • South America

Interested to learn more about how you can be in with a chance of winning next year? Contact your account manager or get in touch.