We believe a truly great travel experience starts before anyone steps onto a plane. That’s because a traveller’s booking experience sets the tone for the rest of their trip - whether they’re jetting off on business or on a round-the-world adventure. 

To help our travellers know that they’re putting themselves in the hands of companies they can trust, we recognise the travel partners who start the way they mean to go on: those who put travellers first, beginning at the beginning. 

Who decides who wins a Traveller Trust Award? That’d be the travellers, of course. They give us their honest feedback on real-life experiences.

So every provider who wins an award has genuinely earned it.

Based on Skyscanner travellers’ feedback from the past 12 months, we are pleased to announce the following 2018 winners

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Discover your Partner Quality Score

The Traveller Trust Awards focus purely on the traveller’s experience before they step onto the plane and were calculated using Skyscanner’s Partner Quality Ratings scoring system. Customers were asked to feedback on their booking experience on five different categories which included: customer service, ease of booking, ease of website use, price accuracy and clarity of optional extras and costs. Award winners were determined taking into account the online survey travellers completed as well feedback received from the Skyscanner customer service team over the course of a year.

Customers can rely on these ratings as an indicator of what to expect when booking a flight with a particular travel agent or airline. The ratings enable airlines and online travel agents to differentiate themselves through the quality of their service as well as on price. Skyscanner’s quality ratings do not include information about traveller’s experiences on board the flight or the airline operating the service.

All Skyscanner partners can view their up-to-date Partner Quality Score by logging into the Partner Portal and navigating to the ‘Customer Feedback’ option.


Webinar: How to improve your ratings and gain traveller’s trust

Join our live webinar, hosted by the Skyscanner team on 9/11/2018 @ 13:00 GMT to get a full overview of the 2018 Traveller Trust Awards, how they’re calculated, what a PQS score is and how to improve your travel businesses score for next year!

What we’ll cover on the webinar

  • Introduction to the Traveller Trust Awards 2018

  • History and evolution of the Partner Quality Score (PQS) - why did Skyscanner launch PQS’s, how it has evolved since launch and more on the algorithm.

  • The commercial benefits of achieving a high PQS

  • How to access and interpret your PQS within the Skyscanner Partner Portal

  • How user complaints and PQS correlate , How do user complaints impact PQS, What can that mean for a partner performance

  • What technical issues can lead to a bad PQS, How does bad price accuracy impact PQS

Register for the webinar today to secure your place (the full webinar recording will be available to registrants shortly after the event).

To learn more about Partner Quality Score’s and how they’re calculated in our FAQ’s here or get in touch with your Account Manager

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