Multi-Vertical Widget

Our "Multi-Vertical Widget" utilizes all the features of Flight Search, Hoter Search and Car Hire widgets in one place.
It provides a configurable tab system with aforementioned widgets inside.

NB: For best presentation on your landing page, ensure that the widget is in a container with a width of at least 300px if you don’t use Multi-city mode in the Flights tab, or at least 500px for Multi-city mode. Otherwise you may experience styling issues.

Widget Options

For customization, Multi-Vertical Widget accepts all attributes, that are acceptable for all built-in sub-widgets.

For detailed information about options of sub-widgets please go to the following pages:


Tabs configuration

Availabitity of particular search verticals (tabs) is adjusted by the "data-verticals" attribute.

It accepts a comma separated string of the following vertical names: flights, hotels, cars.
For example, data-verticals="hotels,cars"

If only one vertical is set, then tabs are not displayed at all, and Multi-Vertical Widget looks like a built-in subwidget itself.
If no verticals are set ( data-verticals="", it's a default value ), then all possible verticals are displayed.

By default, the first available tab is open. But you can change in with "data-verticals-default-tab" attribute. Just set the name of a desired vertical:

Colour customization

And of course, Multi-Vertical Widget respects all colour customization options available for its subwidgets: